Pest Control for Spiders

Spider control for the average homeowner can be difficult.  A pest control professional can point out areas that need to be sealed such as weather stripping under doors or windows that have torn screens.  The materials applied to the outside of the home to prevent spiders from entering have a limited effect on spiders.  This is because spiders walk on the tips of their eight legs and keep their bodies away from treated surfaces.  They also do not groom themselves as most other insects do.  A spider almost has to be sprayed directly for any effect to be seen.  We have heard from many people that it is impossible to keep spiders out of or off of their home.  This is a myth!

Although spider control is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve, we have found with our treatments and methods that they are one of the easiest pests to control.  In fact, once a person is put on our service they are actually surprised if they see a spider web at all while on service with Eco Strike Pest Control.  Let us control the spiders in your Coarsegold, Oakhurst or mountain area home.  

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