Interior Treatment

Eco Strike Pest Control will service the interior and exterior of your home.  The inside of your home is usually treated with the initial pest control service.  An interior treatment is done by applying our material to your baseboards.  It is not necessary to remove any food items as our pest control material is not applied anywhere near food preparation areas or where food items are stored.    Applications are made with the intent to minimize exposure to your family and pets at all times.  In doing so, we recommend you plan on being outside your home for only 2 hours after application to allow the pest control material time to dry. We just ask that all small miscellaneous items be removed away from the baseboards prior to application.  If ants are found we will use a bait that can be safely applied behind the counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms and cracks and crevices where children cannot touch it.  If we are only treating ants, with this bait application you do not have to leave your home at all.

Once the inside is treated, we will keep the incoming pests away from your home with our residual exterior treatment.  If there are any interior pest problems while you are on service, just call us and we will come back free of charge because our service is always guaranteed.