Pest Control Frequency

At Eco Strike Pest Control in Coarsegold, we offer only monthly and bi-monthly maintenance service programs.  We begin the scheduled maintenance after an inspection and the initial treatment is completed.  It is recommended that our customers stay on a consistent pest control program to ensure ongoing protection for their home.  Our pest control program is broken down into very affordable payments.  Why pay for an outrageous one time service that offers only a 30 day guarantee or even no guarantee, with the problem likely returning later?

Our monthly treatments are designed to work most effectively with our greener products. This is due to the break down of the material at a much faster rate than the synthetics we use for our traditional pest control program.  For those preferring a non toxic pest control solution, our monthly program is a good choice.

Our bi-monthly treatments consist of servicing a home once every two months.  This is by far our most popular service.  There is no pesticide that lasts longer than 3 months when applied to the exterior due to sunlight and the environmental elements.  This service allows us to keep control of pests in and around your home with a residual pest barrier to protect your home.